Is There Such Thing As Planner Peace?

Every time I think I have found it, I lose it just as quickly. Last you heard about my planner I was madly in love and head over heels for my Travelers Notebook system. Well a few months into using it I found a group of people who utilized a method called Bullet Journaling in their Travelers Notebook. Well I just had to know all there was to know because the pictures they were posting… There are no words! It was literally the most beautiful writing and decorating and planning I had ever seen.

So I checked out where it originated from on a man name Ryder Carroll who has a blog that gives you a step by step guide on how to start your own bullet journal. It is the most minimalistic and simplistic thing I had ever seen. And then I saw how members of the bullet journal community had customized their journals to their own personal preferences and I was blown away by the sheer adaptability of Carroll’s system.

Fueled by inspiration from sources like Tiny Ray of Sunshine and Boho Berry, I decided to give bullet journaling a try in my Travelers Notebook and it was just the system I had been looking for with one tiny, itty bitty flaw. Inserts for Travelers Notebooks are made with about 60-80 pages because the whole point of the travelers notebook is to have all of your notebooks in one cover and it is less bulky to carry six 60 page notebooks than six 240 page notebooks. Well, the purpose of the bullet journal system is to have one notebook to rule them all! Fantastic, right. The premise is that you can have all of your notes, plans, and ideas in one notebook and just organize it using an indexing system. Sounds crazy, but it actually works.

After debating on whether I should just merge the two systems (as many people have done) or stick to just bullet journaling I decided to give JUST bullet journaling a try. I bought an Orchid Dot Grid Moleskine and got straight to it and it just felt so natural that when it ran out of pages I decided that I would go get another Moleskine (squared, this time for budget purposes). As much as I loved my Travelers Notebook, my Moleskine just felt more right to me.

An example of my monthly and weekly planning pages
An example of my monthly and weekly planning pages
Some of the ways I use my notebook for work, but next year I will be using it for a lot more.
Some of the ways I use my notebook for work, but next year I will be using it for a lot more.
Some great pages for daily planning and journaling.
Some great pages for daily planning and journaling.

Now here comes the dilemma with bullet journaling (I told you, I’m really starting to think there is no planner peace). After living with bullet journaling, and having quite a bit of success with it, for almost six months, I came to the end of the school year (I’m an elementary school teacher) and realized that if I used my bullet journal for work purposes as I had been wanting to do, I would run into the problem that I would constantly be rewriting certain collections out whenever I had to start a new journal because student information would have to all be transferred!

I immediately thought to myself, “This never would have happened if I had stuck with the travelers notebook system!” And then I had an idea. What if I bought a custom Travelers Notebook that fit a5 notebooks (8×5 inches) and had a slimmer Moleskine cahier with all of the work collections that I was dreading having to transfer from bujo (bullet journal) to bujo and placed it in a Travelers Notebook with my day to day BuJo? Well I looked into whether or not all of those collections would fit in one and they totally do!

sunflower travelers notebookSo starting next August I will be using this beautiful hand painted Travelers Notebook that I bought from MamaCakesMakings with one cahier and a regular sized Moleskine notebook.


Hopefully this will bring me planner peace, but seeing as how I have felt this way before about a planner system, I am doubtful that there will ever be complete peace. Luckily, the Travelers Notebook and Bullet Journal systems are so flexible that I will most likely find a way to solve the problems that arise.

Happy Planning!


10 Etsy Shops for Plannerds

I like to support small and personal businesses ad Etsy is a great way to purchase products directly from craftspeople. Here are a few of my favorited shops in no specific order.

  1. DIY Fish (great planner inserts for ring bound and doris of all sizes)
  2. Growing Up Goddess (printable planner inserts for ring bound and doris but you can also purchase already made notebooks that she makes with WONDERFUL paper)
  3. Dingbat Industries (order notebooks in bulk for very cheap)
  4. PapergeekMY (stationery supply heaven)
  5. Onica Hanby (beautiful handmade leather doris and folders)
  6. Plum Paper Designs (an excellent planner)
  7. Planner Decorator (sticker heaven)
  8. Divine Elements Design (beautiful customizable planners and decorating supplies)
  9. VeiledCrane (fabric doris for the cruelty conscious mind)
  10. FoxyDori (this is actually what I wanted to call my doris that I was going to start making till I found out it was taken)

Welcome to Plannerdtopia

Urban dictionary defines plannerd as “an urban planner – student or professional – who is heavily involved in all things planning.”

I would go even further to say that a plannerd is a person who is heavily addicted to planning, planner supplies, and the general idea that planning will help you have more well-rounded and fulfilling life.

I am a plannerd and proud. I have been obsessed with planning since high school when they would give you those tiny agendas with the sections for book logs and monthly and weekly goals. I realized for the first time that if you planned certain things in your life and physically wrote them down, you held yourself more accountable for it and we’re more likely to do them. I also realized how satisfying it was to scratch an event or item off a to do list because you had completed it.
That’s where the obsession began. It slowly grew into a slightly OCD behavior where I wanted things color coded based on what part of my life it belonged in: school, work, or personal and then I wanted to plan my meals and plan my days by the hour or even half hours. The older I got, the more complicated my life became and the more I felt the need to plan in order to get my life in control.

And now here I am: a twenty-something year old in her first big girl job as a third grade teacher, moved to a brand new town, in a relationship, and building a house. It only gets more complicated than that if I try to add having a kid in there and, based on what I see in my planner, that’s just not a possibility right now. My planner keeps my mind at ease and helps me organize the thoughts of everything I have going on in my brain so that I can make it through the day without running around in circles crying and pulling my hair out.

A friend recently asked how I have time as a new teacher to go out and meet new people, spend time with the boyfriend, eat right and the answer is: because I plan all of it. I don’t mean I’m a maniac who freaks out when something unexpected comes up (I surprisingly enough love spontaneity and adventure) but I plan all of the must do things for work and survival so that I can physically see chunks of time I have available for doing fun, crazy things with my new friends and boyfriend. I try and make sure that all my work stuff is done so that my weekends and nights are freed up for personal time. This would be totally impossible without my planner.

Planner Peace

Now before I go on, there is something you must know. Planning brings me much joy, but there has always been a struggle for me to find The Perfect Planner. In the planner community, we like to call this struggle the search for planner peace.

I have used student weekly planners of varying sizes. I have used mom planners meant for planning multiple schedules. I have used horizontal weekly planners and vertical weekly calendars. I have used electronic planners and paper planners. My search for the perfect planner seemed endless.

I finally came across ring bound planners. I bought a day timer in desk size and tried a bunch of different layouts and found that my favorite was either the day on one page (do1p) or the day on two pages (do2p) while also utilizing a monthly calendar and a sticky note that I moved each day with weekly plans and goals. This worked well for a while but I realized that now I was carrying around this big binder and my own personal journal (I am also a chronic journaler – I have kept one on me at all times since first grade). I tried to merge the two together, but I write so much that the rings would not hold the amount of journaling I did.

pink daytimer

I played with different types of ring bound planners and eventually even tried just making my own using an old binder. Then I discovered the Arc discbound notebook system from Staples. It is absolutely fantabulous! The papers are punched so that they fit around this ring and are easy to rip out and put back in. You can customize it with whatever type of paper you want, dividers, you name it! I got this fancy, hot, pink leather cover and it was gorgeous. But once again I realized that it was just too fat and chunky to be hauling around everywhere (regardless of her beauty).

arc planner

After my disappointment with the Arc planner, I started creating my own planner in a composition notebook and journaling on the same pages that I did my planning. I actually really liked it, but drawing out a schedule table every day was very time consuming. This is when I started scouring the Internet. I viewed what felt like hundreds of videos on Filofaxes, and ring bound planners, Erin Condren (which really is one of the most gorgeous planners I’ve ever seen, but did not afford me the capability of journaling where I planned), etc.

Finally, I came across a video of something called a Midori Travelers Notebook. It was so simple: just a plain leather cover with holes punched in it to thread through elastic bands that held notebooks (like the moleskines you buy at Barnes and Noble) and then an elastic that wrapped around it to keep it held shut. So simple, but so genius. The Japanese company had developed a system that allowed you to customize how many notebooks you needed, the types of notebooks you wanted to use, and allowed you to switch the notebooks out easily and quickly as needed!

Now the original Midori brand notebook system was outrageously priced especially because it had to ship from Japan. However, after further research, I found a similar notebook utilizing the same design on Amazon. I quickly bought that and found several people on Etsy that created notebook inserts for this system. I chose a planner style I liked, bought a few lined notebooks for journaling a notes and presto I had The Perfect System. One I could easily change without spending over $50 as I had been doing.


I finally found planner peace.

How I Use the Travelers Notebook System

I have set my notebook up in a variety of ways and had as many as five notebooks in there. I have seen online people that custom make covers that will hold crazy amounts of notebooks. And there are people who may need to use as many as eight notebooks at a time. I have found however that if you are using the original sized notebook and not a custom-made one that three to four notebooks works best so that the notebooks are not all hanging outside of the cover.

Currently I have three notebooks in my travelers notebook. The first one is my planner. It is a printable planner from an Etsy seller DIYFish. It has the capability of planning the month, weeks, and days of each month. If I have any future planning I need to do I add it to. Sticky note on the back cover of the notebook. I don’t even staple these notebooks and they stay together well enough that I don’t have to worry about the pages falling out. One of the great things about this planner system is the ability to plan weekly and daily. Usually you have to choose just one. This planner also gives me a space to plan a weeks worth of something with a list. I use this part of the planner for meal planning and my shopping list. I switch this notebook out every month.

DIYFish 2
Click on the picture to see where to download this specific planner

My second notebook is a journal. I use it as a smash book/Project Life book to store mementos I like to keep (movie stubs, event tickets, airplane tickets, etc.), and photos I have take. This is in addition to my regular journaling. I also use it to doodle on. This is part of my creative outlet. This journal usually fills up in about a ,only but I only have to switch it when it’s full.

The third, and final notebook I have is my writing notebook. This is where I write down ideas for stories or poems or blog posts I want to write. This is the only Midori brand notebook that I bought because I really loved the thin paper for writing on. It is called the Midori Lightweight Paper notebook. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Besides the notebooks that I plan, create, and write in, I also have a PVC zippered pouch and card holder. I have set up my notebook so that it not only function as as a planner and journal, but so that it is also my wallet. I now have three different things in my purse replaced by one system.

My goal with planning so much (some may call it over planning, I like to think of it as planning for anything) is so that I can make myself a more well-rounded person and have time to develop my more creative ideas through writing and art. With my travelers notebook system I am able to do that all in one place. Sometimes I will change my setup so that my journal is separate or I will add a sketchbook if I need to, but generally this is my all in one solution.

I am not saying the the travelers notebook system works for everyone. I think that everyone needs to go on their own personal journey for planner peace and find their perfect system. However, this does happen to be my current perfect system.

This blog will not be all about travelers notebooks. It will be about how I utilize my planner, journal, and creative notebooks to better my life and the ways that you too can have a well-rounded life involving planning and good old-fashioned writing.

I finally found planner peace.