A plannerd is someone who is obsessed with all things planner related: different planner brands, decorating planners, using planners, and planning ridiculous bits of their life. Plannerds are always looking for planner peace which is when you find the perfect planner that works for everything you want your planner to do.

I personally want to use my planner for planning my monthly and daily schedule, journaling about my day, having a place to put memorabilia and photos (kind of like a scrapbook or smash book), and a place for me to have a creative outlet for my art and writing.

This blog is all about planners, planner decorating, utilizing a planner to make your life better and easier, how I use my planner on a daily basis for tracking my goals and hobbies (books, writing,cooking, and lesson planning) and my journey to find planner peace. Enjoy!


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