March Set Up in My Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling has been very successful for me in many ways. One is keeps me on track with my tasks and helps me organize my time for the best efficiency. Also, it allows me to reflect on my life and create and achieve goals.

Every month I set up my journal so that I can have maximum success that month. I start with a cover page for the month that I fill out throughout the month, adding photos, doodles, and notes of the most memorable moments of the month. These pages are important to me when I am feeling down to reminisce about good times and accomplishments I have had.

After that I do my monthly layout. I use the original list format that Ryder Carroll uses in his introduction video, except I highlight the weekends so that I can easily find my weeks. Using my Future Log and Birthday Log, I fill in important dates and holidays for the month. On the following page I am trying out this template from Sublime Reflection. It goes through making goals as opposed to just writing down a list of tasks. I found that I really wasn’t looking at my monthly task list or using it at all, so instead I will be using the space for creating goals. Every month you decide on the goals you will focus on this month and next month as well as coming up with some 90 day goals and 3 top priority goals for the month.

Here is my monthly log using Ryder Carroll’s list format and the goal planning idea I borrowed from Sublime Reflection.

After my monthly goals I used this free habit tracker from My Dandelion Dreams. I use it to track things that have to be done on a daily basis so that they do not clutter up my daily spreads and also to make sure that I am doing something to achieve the goals that I have set for myself that month. For example, this month I added “No Spend” and “Study/Class” to make sure that I remember to reach my goals for saving money and studying to get As in my classes this month.

Usually I draw out my own Habit Tracker, but since this journal is lined I found this great free one, printed it and taped it in with some washi tape.

The next part of my monthly set up is something I decided to stick to this year. They are journaling prompts for each month of the year that I respond to each day. In my monthly sections I write down all of the prompts so that I don’t have to reference my Pinterest page and also to remind me to do them. I respond to the prompts in my actual dailies. I get my prompts from the blog Cup of Delight.

The last page in my monthly set up is my Grade Level Planning Notes. This is where I write down what we talk about for the month to reference back to at faculty meetings and for planning purposes.

On this page I write down notes from our weekly grade level meetings to use during faculty meetings and for lesson planning purposes.

Using these monthly pages, I will be able to reach the goals that I have set for myself this month. Plus, they’re pretty to look at 😉