10 Etsy Shops for Plannerds

I like to support small and personal businesses ad Etsy is a great way to purchase products directly from craftspeople. Here are a few of my favorited shops in no specific order.

  1. DIY Fish (great planner inserts for ring bound and doris of all sizes)
  2. Growing Up Goddess (printable planner inserts for ring bound and doris but you can also purchase already made notebooks that she makes with WONDERFUL paper)
  3. Dingbat Industries (order notebooks in bulk for very cheap)
  4. PapergeekMY (stationery supply heaven)
  5. Onica Hanby (beautiful handmade leather doris and folders)
  6. Plum Paper Designs (an excellent planner)
  7. Planner Decorator (sticker heaven)
  8. Divine Elements Design (beautiful customizable planners and decorating supplies)
  9. VeiledCrane (fabric doris for the cruelty conscious mind)
  10. FoxyDori (this is actually what I wanted to call my doris that I was going to start making till I found out it was taken)

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