I Write Because…

I have always loved writing. I started writing when I was really young. My first grade teacher even gave me a certificate at the end of the year that said “Most Likely to be a Writer.” I remember getting my first diary in first grade. Santa brought it wrapped in festive paper. It was a pink Tweetybird book with pink pages and a lock and key. I fell in love with writing down every single minutiae thought that popped into my head.

I have kept every diary I have had (this is about two notebooks a year) since the first grade. I have always found it interesting to look back on what my younger self used to think and see how I have grown as a person. Around sixth grade I decided I wanted to be an actress and that someday people would want to know my every thought so I should make sure they were recorded. Around tenth grade I found writings of my family members and thought it was so interesting to take a peek into their heads and see what they were really thinking.

You never really know someone till you read some of the things they write they think no one will ever see.

I decided that I should keep my recording going, not because one day I would be famous and my every thought would be published, but because then a niece or nephew or a future child of mine would one day find them and really get to know me and feel the way I did when I came across those journals: like I wasn’t quite so alone, like somebody understood me.

I started blogging in high school because I thought it would be interesting to see what happened when I put my ideas and pictures out into the world. You never know what kind of reaction you will get. Also, it didn’t feel like exposing myself because there is a certain amount of anonymity when you face the world through a computer screen. Later on in college I started blogging about the things that interested me.

Now, I am writing this blog because I want to share my planning experiences and how planning helps me be better person on a daily basis. It is one of my obsessions and one of the way I control my obsessions is by writing about them.

So now I journal privately to work out the things in my life that I cannot understand, to ramble about the things I’m pretty sure no one else wants to hear about but I just have to tell to someone, to record what has happened in my life good or bad, and I blog publicly to share about my crazy obsession with anyone that it will help and anyone who shares the obsession.

I write because I can and because it keeps me sane and happy, but I also write because I hope it will let people understand who I am.


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