Brainwave: Great Ideas

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brainwave.”

The best idea I ever had was deciding to move from Miami, Fl to South Carolina. It was a few weeks from my graduation from college. I was finishing my undergraduate degree in education and preparing for my last Kappa Delta Pi Intiation Ceremony. While working on our scrapbook, I was worrying about all of the student loans I had and how much they were going to cost me monthly, compounded on my already high monthly costs. My ex boyfriend and I had broken up and I was looking at moving into my own place which would have been more expensive, and I wasn’t having any luck finding a teaching job in my district.

I got a call from my aunt to talk about my plans to come visit that summer. I was telling her about all my post graduation worries. She came up with the idea. She offered to let me stay in her house for as long as I needed so I could have some time to save money and figure out my financials as well as look for a job. After weighing all my other options I decided that that really was my best option. I’d be living rent-free, the cost of living over there was so much cheaper, I wasn’t finding a job down here anyway, and I was no longer in a relationship that was keeping me from moving away from my hometown. I figured, if I don’t do this now I may be stuck living in Miami forever. I didn’t like that idea so I called my aunt up and we immediately started working out the details so that in about a month I would move in with her and her family.

After moving here to South Carolina, I started applying for jobs and seeing about how to get a teaching position for the next school year. I found a position with a national nonprofit organization that creates programs for underprivileged kids. I ended up working for an educational summer camp. I was despairing of not being able to pass the exams to get certified for teaching in the state, getting all of my stuff moved over here, and being able to find a job for the fall. On top of all this, I was starting to get depressed about not having any friends and being lonely in a new state. That’s when everything started to come together.

At work I started making friends with one of my co-workers. He introduced me to a whole bunch of other people and I quickly made friends with them. Eventually I started dating one of them. I was no longer lonely. As I was making friends I found out I passed my certification exams and was now licensed to teach in the state of South Carolina. I started working on applications for a teaching position in the district. My monthly expenses decreased even further as my car insurance switched from Miami to my new city. But I was still having trouble finding a job.

I got so lucky that I worked that job at that summer camp. One of my coworkers had a close friend that was a principal at an underprivileged school. She told me that she was looking for teachers and told me to apply. She let my friend know that she highly recommended me and I got the job almost immediately. Not long after that I got great news about my student lows being lower than expected and I was able to lower them even further with the help of my current boyfriend and my family here in South Carolina.

I am happier here in South Carolina than I ever was in Miami. I love the people, the environment, and my job. I will forever be grateful to my family here who have helped me out and all of my new friends for making me feel like I belonged and less lonely. By far, the best idea I ever had that solved every problem I had in my life was relocating to South Carolina.